Independent Miss

I discovered BookBub a few weeks ago, and have been picking up free (or occasionally cheap) copies of books that look interesting–trying to keep to a number I might actually read.  A few have been disappointing, but this one, by Becca St. John was a fun, well-written read.

The woman in this historical love-story feels a bit too modern to me (one of my pet peeves with historicals), but the medical/scientific side of things was both plausible and interesting, and the problems that arise from them make for unique, believable conflict, a rare combination in romance.  As someone who tends to skip over the smutty bits of romances, I also appreciated the relatively clean love scenes in this book.

On the whole, I found this a delightful way to spend a lazy afternoon, and I think I might be willing to pay something for my next book by this author.