What a Wednesday

We were supposed to travel to Dalian today, but our new young man ran off.  We’re still not sure what it was all about (the proximate cause may have been a disagreement he and I had about luggage–which seems rather silly in retrospect), but we spent a few frantic minutes this morning looking for him, and then most of the day in the hotel room waiting for either the police to find him or him to show up someplace.  The latter finally happened around seven pm.  He made it back to the orphanage.  We’re so relieved.  We’ll get to talk to him tomorrow.

The orphanage says he’s sorry & still wants to be adopted, so there’s at least some chance we can work this out.  We certainly hope so.  If you think of it, please remember to keep us in your thoughts.

Anyway, no fun pictures today–except this little bit of a cultural phenomenon that we found in the Walmart here when we stopped in for an after-supper diet coke and ice cream run. (The English writing is a bit small, but if you zoom in, you may be able to see that the top row of chips are grilled squid flavor, while the lower two are barbecue chicken flavor.)  This kind of thing is why I so prize potato-flavored potato chips.