The dreaded hospital visit

mmexport1469002109668This morning, J and I, along with his teachers and a bunch of other adoptive families, went to the hospital that does all the check-ups for everybody who is trying to get an immigration visit to the US.  Near as I can tell, J has been getting worked up about this since he heard about it.  He got more and more sullen throughout the morning, and when it came time to do vaccinations, he actively resisted going into the room.  His teachers believe the entire fuss was about a fear of vaccinations.  This seems incredible to me–except I’m pretty sure Craig had to physically restrain Ben to get him to sit still for his last shot.

Eventually, J got them done, though, and he’s been more cooperative ever since.  He still doesn’t want to leave the room or spend much time with us while he’s there, but he’s expressed some interest in food (he likes chicken sandwiches, cookies and pizza. We’ll see if we can’t manage to get some Chinese food into the mix tomorrow.) Anyway, we’re still moving forward, albeit slowly.


3 thoughts on “The dreaded hospital visit”

  1. Glad that is done. Good think he doesn’t need spinal surgery! 😉 Still praying and sending all our love.

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