Free Day

The only thing on our official schedule today was a debriefing about our return to the States (how to get through the various customs and immigration checks).  Craig did that by himself while the rest of us hung out in the room. For a while, we had three competing movies going–way noisy.

mmexport1469002202216At lunchtime we got a special visit from Joshua Zhong (the co-founder of our adoption agency).  I believe he was already in-country for meetings, and he stopped by to check in with J.  J really likes Joshua, and we’ve got a couple of  great pictures with real smiles (check out the one at the right).

This evening we got out of the room for supper and then for some swimming.  All in all, not a bad day.

Tomorrow:  Consulate appointment.

One thought on “Free Day”

  1. You amaze me, Rachel. I am hoping for you to have a successful beginning to your new family adventures. Blessings on that journey. I once heard – it’s not an adventure till something goes wrong.

    till later
    Judith Lavezzi

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