It’s official

J has joined our family.  In the eyes of both the Chinese and the US governments, he’s ours.


After the months of paperwork and week or so of worry, it was ridiculously easy.  We went into the consulate, (we were the first of two families this morning), gave them our paperwork, and waited a few minutes.  Then the other mother and I took an oath.  They asked J a couple of questions–to which he responded the mildly affirmative “ng,”  Then they asked us another question or two, and then it was all done.  We’ll get J’s visa tomorrow, and can come home on Saturday.  (There may well be challenges with that, but at this point we figure it’s best to worry about one hurdle at a time, and this felt like a big one.  We’re glad we cleared it.)

In the evening we had more swimming and a bit of fusball, and J seemed to really enjoy himself, and maybe connect a bit with Craig and the other kids.

It’s a bit uncomfortable all hanging out in the hotel, but nobody really wants to go out (except the parents sometimes, and unfortunately, we can’t go out together!), so we’re kind of stuck until we get home.  In some ways, I can’t wait for Saturday.

One thought on “It’s official”

  1. Oh Yay!!! Congratulations on hurdle jumping, patience practicing, and practical parenting. You guys are a model of steady optimism in the face of contradictions. Fly well, and safely.

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