School Etc.

Pictureimg_20161016_094251 at left by K.  When she first told me this was social studies, I didn’t quite understand it, but then she explained that they were talking about the time in Europe when monarchs were discouraging their subjects from roaming, and one of the methods was the “That way be monsters” signs and pictures on maps.  So this sea monster comes from social studies, folks.

B. had a better than expected time at Outdoor Lab, so that’s good.  He came home very excited to try elk battles at home.  Most of us were very glad to see him.

In other school news, J. went with me to a meeting with a bunch of district folks, and we’ve agreed (J. somewhat reluctantly) to have him start at the local middle school tomorrow bright and early–with one gym class a day.  After a couple of weeks, we’ll reevaluate where we are and see if we can/should add anything.

The gym class is doing flag football this week, and we got a young man from our church who is on the nearest high school’s JV football team to come help us learn some rules and do a little practice.  After only one afternoon, J. is better than the rest of us.  I dare say he’ll do OK tomorrow.  We certainly hope so.

Besides school, this week has been up and down.  We had some more trouble with violence this week, including some that scared B. and K. quite a bit–and has us considering whether we need a better smaller kid safety plan.  But we’ve also had some good times playing board games as a family, and the decent meeting with the school.  Plus, J. put on a button-down shirt, black slacks, and a tie and behaved himself fairly well at a friend’s wedding (even though it started about an hour later than it was scheduled to.)  So, once again, a mixed bag.  Certainly, we’re doing much better than we were a couple of months ago.