So, with school starting for J, we had a bit of a rough week.  School itself seems to be going well, with J. liking the sports they’re playing, even though football is new to him.  However, at home, the first several days of the week, J. was acting out.  It came to a bit of a crisis on Wednesday with a lot of throwing stuff around, and some attempts to kick down doors to areas J. wasn’t supposed to go in.  However, J. refrained from hitting anybody, and though he made a big mess, most of it was readily fixable.

On Thursday, we got some help from a translator to talk some about expectations, and some of what life in a family looks like, and explain some of the things J. doesn’t understand.   We also started a small reward system for when J. meets these expectations, and we’ve seen him working very hard to do that.  He’s asking for permission before tearing up the yard and talking to us about what’s upsetting him instead of cursing us out.  And that’s all to the good.

Plus,J. has started wanting to be hugged like the other kids.  He jumps up in my arms and wants to be carried around (You can pray my back is up to the task–he’s a pretty big kid.)  Yesterday he wanted to be rocked for a bit.  Occasionally he’s started listening instead of making fun of me when I’m praying for him before bed.  And this morning, before school, he gave me a hug and said goodbye.   Almost like he’ll be glad to see me when I come pick him up from school this morning.  Or maybe not.  We’ll see.

I got lots of hugs from B & K this weekend too, on account of it’s being my birthday.  B. even gave me a new, improved hug pass–good for unlimited hugs and a couple of kisses a day!

We suspect there are still lots of hard times ahead, maybe even this coming week, but it feels a bit like we may have turned a corner.  I have a little hope that’s true anyway.

One thought on “Hugs”

  1. Rachel, you are an incredibly diligent, kind, consistent, nurturing and loving mom!! I know that all of your hard work is making a HUGE difference in J’s life, even though his healing and progress is slow. Not giving up on him encourages my heart, and I know your unconditional love is slowly bringing healing to his hurt heart. I’m asking God to continue to give you the physical & emotional strength to handle each day…and that He’ll send you all the love & support that you & Craig need during this season. Sending hugs your way!

    After we have a foster kiddo placed with us and they’re settled, Ethan and I look forward to coming over to hang out with your 3 awesome kiddos again. Maybe some time we can also all go together to Jump City (one of X’s favorite places and maybe your kiddos would enjoy it, too). Please tell them Hi from us.

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