Six Months In

I have to keep reminding myself of how much better things are going than they had been because we’re still having frequent rough patches (cursing people, spitting at them; property destruction; occasional punches). The thing is, that difficult stuff used to be the norm, and spots where the family could sit and play or talk happened a few times a day if we were lucky. Now, J. goes to school, often does his chores, usually plays with the other kids, usually eats at least part of dinner with us, and frequently wants to hang out and talk with parents. The difficult stuff still happens, but now the cursing and spitting a few times a day (generally countable!) and the truly violent has lessened to once or twice a week or less. That’s still feels like way too much, but when I take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been, I realize that we’re in much, much better shape.

It’s so easy to think about the negative and not remember the positive, so I want to take a couple minutes to remember some of the good stuff about my kids. Things that make me proud of all of them.

J. is generous, creative and brave. He loves gardening and cooking and fixing things. He’s interested in animals, science and literature. Like all my children, he is a bright, bright child.

B. is brilliant, thoughtful, and willing to stand up for (and do) what he thinks is right, even when it costs him. He loves computers, science, and stories.

K. is smart, kind, and graceful. She cares a great deal about her schoolwork (especially history), her friendships, and performing (especially in dance).

I am very proud of them all.

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