Middle School and more

B. has been stressing all week about choosing electives for next year when he moves up to the middle school.  He complains that there are only a couple of electives he wants to take, but when we started going through it together, we may have found a few online options he likes–and a couple that are necessary (Chinese).

K. is very interested in the process–the more so since a proposal before the school board right now might have her at the middle school in the fall as well.  (Though even if that does become the case, it’s unclear whether the sixth graders would have the same choices that seventh and eight graders do.)

J. probably needs to pick his electives, too, but we’ll need a translator’s help for that, so we’ll probably be a touch late with it.  But in other middle school news, he got a couple of awards at the first-semester awards ceremony this week.  We’re quite proud of him.

Although yesterday and the day of the awards ceremony went pretty well, we’ve had several days this week when J. was very worked up and violent.  We’re not sure what all is upsetting him, but it could partly be the strain of living out his first Spring Festival holiday season in a country where most people don’t even know the holiday is happening (let alone celebrate it).

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