Doggy Comes Home

Tia came back to our house last Friday. Grandma Pookie and Papa Buzz, brought her on their way into town for Spring Break (Sorry to take them so far out of reach when you’ve got a household of sick kids, Pete & Sarah). The grandparents stayed for a bit before going down to my sister’s, but the dog is here to stay. She seems to remember us, and is happy to be around her people again. J and K are very glad she’s back. They’ve been looking forward to her return for weeks, and they are lavishing lots of attention on her. Even B seems glad she’s around and has played a couple of games with her.

This is possible because J has managed to control his temper well enough for the past month that we believe it’s safe for the dog to return, so that’s all to the good. Sometimes it still feels like we’re living on an active volcano at our house, but the eruptions are becoming less frequent and less violent.

We’ve got some fun Spring Break plans (time with grandparents and cousins, kites, horses, Casa Bonita), so we’re hoping this week goes fairly smoothly.