We seem to be more settled into a routine.  Big, violent explosions are less frequent (we had one the day before Easter, but that was the first in a while, and it hasn’t been repeated.)  It’s nice to get back into gardening season.  J. has jumped the gun a bit with some beans and cucumbers, but it’s warm enough that they still might not fall prey to frost.

Our boys have found something they like to do together.  It’s playing computer games, but the time together seems to be helping them improve their relationship.

Other news:  J. is now going to a full day of school, and seems to be doing OK with it.  He’s had a bit of trouble with some other kids, but it’s middle school, so that’s kind of par for the course, I’m afraid.

B. has begun a family newsletter.  I think his fourth or fifth one comes out tomorrow.  He’s also involved in a tech club in school, which seems to be helping him be a bit more comfortable away from home.

K. is in the midst of rehearsals for Copelia, the ballet her studio is performing June 3 and 4.  At school she’s glad to be done with Parcc testing.

As the school year winds down, we’re trying to figure out what exactly we want to do for the summer.  B. & K. will be visiting grandparents for a bit, but we don’t have any other very firm plans.