School’s Out

J, B & K all did exceptionally well in their classes this term.  Now they’re back home, adjusting to the largely unstructured time of break.  For the most part we’ve done OK, but the house is a bit of a mess, and sometimes we get on each other’s nerves.  It helps that it’s warm enough now that the kids can sleep out in their tents if they want to.

J is busy working on his garden and doing a bit of cooking.  He’s doing some better with his English, but we should probably try to get him into a class or something.

B has decided he can live with our new chore system (which is good, since he didn’t really have a choice about that.)  He’s doing something I don’t entirely understand with his Minecraft server, and he and his sister are working together to write and illustrate a digital choose your own adventure book.  It seems to be a bit slow getting started, but they’re working on it diligently.  He and K. are looking forward to hanging out with grandparents for a few weeks starting this coming Wednesday.

K is dancing as a princess doll in her ballet studio’s production of Coppelia this weekend, so we’ve been super busy with rehearsals and costumes and refreshment table cookies and all that.  The late nights are exhausting, but K really enjoys the performing and all that comes with it (especially the makeup, which I’m finally figuring out.)

I’ll miss my younger two while they’re gone, but I hope they get a good chance to rest and have adults pay lots of attention to them.  I hope also that our time with J is good here at home, and that the trip out to pick the younger two up isn’t too difficult for anyone.

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