Together Again

For the past two-and-a-half weeks, B & K have been visiting family while J and we parents have been home dealing with the unusually warm Denver June.  On the home front we’ve had some not fun business (court; trips to the dentist) and some more fun stuff (skating at Skate City; a trip to Garden of the Gods and to check out Aunt Abby’s quilts in her quilt guild’s show in Monument), but mostly J has been lonely.  He looked almost as glad to see K yesterday as I was, (and he seemed even a little glad to see B).  I don’t know that he’d say the driving was worth it, but maybe he would.

We’re back to driving tomorrow, but yesterday the kids had a blast in the hotel pool, and today we’re going to rent paddle-boats or canoes and get out on a lake with Grandma & Grandpa.  Should be fun, we think.  It sounds like B & K had a very good time visiting grandparents and cousins.  The break from the stress at our house seems to have also been good for them.  But they were very, very glad to see us, and I think they’ll be glad to get home.

So road trip this week for the Hoffs.  And then K’s birthday.  Life is good.