One Year

It has been a year since we first brought J. into the US.  Quite the year.  I think we’re all feeling a bit exhausted, but it’s also easy to see that we’ve come a long way.  Sometimes it even seems like J. is happy to be with us.

We haven’t had any pictures in awhile, so here’s a few from recent months.

From the Spring

J & K at the Arvada Kite Festival.
Hiking at Eldorado Canyon









From our trip to pick B & K up from their grandparents:

Feeding the Fish
At the hotel in Kansas City

From our 4th of July Camping Trip

Giant Chess

As you can see, we’ve been managing to have some fun as a family. There are still plenty of tense, angry moments in our home, but we’ve had some good times, too.

J & Tia