Six Weeks of School Already

I can’t quite believe it either.  Where has all the time gone?I have only one elementary school student these days.  K enjoys walking to and from the school, sometimes with our new neighbors, and she seems to enjoy school.  K recently helped me a bit with my latest novel–reading and giving comments.  She was very encouraging.  And I also loved it when she said, “Anya hates math?  How can anybody hate math?”

B seems to be enjoying his first year in middle school.  He’s making a few new friends and has joined a puzzle-game club.  (He was invited after designing a digital Rubik’s Cube.) On the whole, the transition has gone better than he feared it would.  Hopefully that will continue.

J is handling school reasonably well, also.  At last count, he had thirty-two of the pride tickets they give kids for working hard, being respectful and helping others at school.  He’s also been doing a lot of work at home to help us put up a bike shed/playhouse in our back yard. (The other kids have helped some, too, but J has been out there as often as it’s not raining, working hard.)

So, all in all, we’re doing pretty well.  In fact, we’re worlds away from where we were this time last year.  It’s refreshing.  (Or would be if we didn’t have such a long ways to go yet.)

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