The Pencil Princess Workshop Editing is committed to quick, careful, considerate critique.

As a once and possibly future English teacher, Rachel has a strong understanding of English grammar,  an eye for picky details, and extensive experience working with non-native writers. As an avid reader, she has a love for stories that translates into an instinct for good narrative.

One client described Rachel in this way: “Super fast worker, extremely reliable. I loved the feedback she gave me on the book, it was very constructive. I would love to work with her again.”

Rachel offers the following services:

Developmental Editing     *     Line Editing     *     Proofreading

Rachel is also offers an editing package (combination Developmental Editing, Line Editing & Proofreading) that involves at least two editing passes.

Current Rate:  For fiction, typically 1/2 ¢ per word. For nonfiction, typically 1 ¢ per word. (Rates are somewhat negotiable; discounts available for current or former critique partners.)