Current Projects for R. L. S. Hoff:

Leaving Hope:

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After a millennium of travel, the generation ship Hope is within thirty years of its destination planet, and a small group of brave couples will take a faster ship to ready the planet for colonization. Anastasia (Anya) Cartier longs to be part of that group. She believes the colony will create a rich new civilization that will feed her artist’s soul. Unfortunately for Anya, she is one of a powerful but shrinking minority on Hope. Her family plans for her to eventually marry a particular young man, so the line won’t die out–and the young man in question doesn’t want to be part of the colony.  Can Anya learn to stand up for herself in time to help forge a more just and vibrant world?

New Tressarian: 

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In a world where science has relegated magic to whispers and old-wives’ tales, Sarah Tressarian, Peace Princess of Dicrandia, has a gift for healing—a gift she’s at pains to keep secret. She doesn’t want anyone, especially her family’s rivals, the Security Royal Family, to think she’s crazy.

Her secret is safe until Sarah uncovers a pattern of ever-increasing, magical, violence in one of Dicrandia’s regions–and conventional responses fail to halt the violence. Throwing caution to the wind, she calls on legendary fairies and resurrects ancient magical knowledge.

These “myths” turn out to be quite real, but they bring their own problems: the fairies who respond to Sarah’s call insist that Dicrandia’s violence is caused by a rogue fairy called Stralton, whose mind-control abilities have garnered him a powerful following. Stralton, however, claims to be Dicrandia’s friend, and accuses Sarah’s first contacts of being in league with the Security Royals to defeat him and destroy Dicrandia’s Peace Party.

To keep her country from being pulled apart by political schisms and magical terror, it’s not enough for Sarah to embrace and master old magical powers. She must also figure out who to trust.

Ride a Colored Star:

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When Sam finds a mysterious red star in his telescope, he can’t help trying to learn more about it. The “star” turns out to be a strange energy creature who scoops Sam and another star-lover, Mika, into low-earth orbit. Sam is both literally and figuratively on top of the world–until he realizes the creature doesn’t know enough about humans to communicate with them . . .or keep them alive.